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 Greetings from 's representative

Best Seminar opened in 2007, and is now in its 14th year.
I am grateful to all who have participated in our journey along the way.

Since 2014, Best Seminar has been teaching children living abroad the same nationwide curricula of Japanese, mathematics (arithmetic), science, social studies, and English, as those living in Japan.

All children raised overseas face different language environments. Therefore, in order to learn Japanese as a heritage language, one-on-one lessons tailored to each individual are highly beneficial.

Occasionally, I use manga as a teaching material, and use Pokemon characters to help teach katakana. I am creating classes while projecting the student's progress one year or two years into the future. 

We consider the most important elements in teaching children overseas to be, initiatives with the family, and building a relationship of trust with students. 

In an environment where there are far fewer opportunities to come into contact with Japanese and kanji than in Japan, it is very important to supplement one's education through home study. Our goal is to provide motivation for students, and to foster in them an appreciation for Japan, all the while, tailoring lessons and advice appropriate to the age, and family environment of the student.

I believe that a relationship of trust is best achieved by considering each child uniquely, and responding authentically, with feeling, to his or her requirements.

When students feel they have encountered a teacher who has enriched their learning experience, a teacher whom they are thankful to have met, we have done our job.
Because education is, indeed, an encounter!



Representative Director    Hirokatsu Arano


                            University of Colorado 

                            Sanko Gosei Co., Ltd. Overseas Department

                             Mitsubishi Motors Global Procurement Headquarters

                     2007 Established Five Start

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